Each year, we honor one of the Founders of Nebraska Christian College, Guy B. Dunning, with the Dunning Lectures.

This year, Chuck Sackett will be the speaker for the lectures. They will be held in the Lovitt Family Auditorium in the Ministry Equipping Center at 11:00 AM on Thursday, September 20 and Friday, September 21. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!

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Chuck Sackett serves on the preaching team at Madison Park Christian Church. He began preaching in Quincy, IL as the interim minister in June, 1998.  He assumed full preaching responsibilities in December, 1999.  Beginning in June, 2007, he came full-time to his role with Madison Park.

Chuck was born September 11, 1951, in Caldwell, Idaho.He was baptized in October of 1966 at Star Christian Church, Star, Idaho, and was ordained in November of 1972 at First Christian Church in Caldwell, Idaho. Chuck married Gail Peery, also from Idaho, on August 23, 1970. They are parents of three daughters, Michelle, Amy, and Jill, all born in Oregon. They are the proud grandparents of one grandson, Garrett Brian Aeilts. 

Michelle Ryan is a high school English teacher (Joe, her husband is a financial planner and coach). Amy Bates is cardio-vascular nurse (her husband, Scott Bates serves at Madison Park) in Quincy. They lead regular trips to the mission field. Jill, a paralegal, works in a law office in Springfield, IL. Her husband, Frank Dicken, is a professor at Lincoln (IL) Christian University, teaching New Testament in the college and seminary.

Dr. Sackett received his B. A. from Boise Bible College in 1972. He did further studies at Northwest Nazarene College in the fall of 1972. In the spring of 1982, Dr. Sackett received his Master of Divinity (Christian Ministries) degree from Lincoln Christian Seminary. He received the Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in July 1989.

Chuck currently shares his passion for preaching with students at Lincoln Christian University where he is the seminary Professor of Preaching and head of the preaching program. He moved to his current status in 2007 when he became the full time preaching minister at Madison Park. Chuck also teaches regularly for TCM Institute International, in Eastern Europe. He has also taught in the Doctor of Ministry program at Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, AL and at Restoration House Ministries in Manchester, NH.

Chuck also likes to write.  He has articles published in Christian Standard, YouthWorker, the Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society, and Preaching magazines (print and on-line editions).  He has done a number of book reviews for Christian Standard, the Stone-Campbell Journal, Theology Journal, the Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and other magazines. He edited and/or wrote the sermon outlines for The Preachers’ Teacher, a book done in honor of his colleague at Lincoln, Dr. Marion Henderson.   He has also been privileged to speak at a variety of conferences and conventions, including the NACC and National Missionary Convention (now ICOM). In 2015, Chuck was honored by having a book published in his name. Serving the Wordwas edited by Dr. Eddy Sanders (former student and colleague) and Dr. Frank Dicken (son in law and colleague) with chapters by a number of friends and former students.

In 1972, Chuck was Youth Minister in Caldwell, Idaho. From 1973-1977 he was minister of the Garibaldi Church of Christ, Garibaldi, OR and from 1977-1983 he was the minister of the Pontoon Beach Church of Christ, Granite City, IL. He also served part-time on the faculty of St. Louis Christian College from 1982-1983. Chuck has been teaching at Lincoln Christian University since 1983 (24 years full time). 

In January of 1989, Prof. Sackett visited Australia and China, and in June of 1989 he traveled to Ireland and Scotland on short-term mission trips; in December of 1994 he served with CIY in Mexico; since July of 1995 he has taught in Austria or in-country (Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Siberia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine) for TCM, International. In 1997, he served at a youth conference in the Philippines and taught at the missionary reunion in Mexico in 1999. In 2015, he spoke for the Africa Inland Mission conference in Kenya.

He served on the YMCA Board of Directors in Lincoln, Illinois. Chuck completed 5 years of service as a contributing editor for Christian Standard magazine. He was the 2007 Vice President and 2008 President of the Evangelical Homiletics Society. Chuck also serves on the board of directors for Restoration House Ministries (Manchester, NH). 

Dr. Sackett enjoyed running and completed 11 marathons, including three Boston Marathons.