Residency Provides Invaluable Ministry Experience


NCC’s approach to preparing and equipping exceptional ministers is based on the belief that Residency is absolutely critical. The more experience students have upon graduation, the more prepared they are to lead. Junior year residency typically happens at a church in/near Omaha, and the senior year at a church somewhere else in the country.  During both years, students complete a blend of traditional classes, online classes, and intensive classes on campus.

Current ministry studentsTaylor & Kassandra Williamsare currently living in the dorms on the HIU campus in Fullerton, CA, while fulfilling their Residencies in SoCal churches. Taylor is a Resident at Saddleback (Rick Warren’s church). Kassandra is at Parkcrest Christian Church in Long Beach.

Andy Dykhouse, NCC’s Director of Leadership Development, says: “I love Kassandra’s comment, ‘It’s amazing what you can do when people are intentional with you.’ Intentional development is absolutely the key to the whole program. From start to finish, the goal is to intentionally train and prepare students to be hirable and highly desired upon graduation. The residency program is a huge part of that intentional development.” 

Another NCC student commented about the value of his NCC Residency and preparation for ministry, “Both my time in the classroom and working with local churches while on campus at NCC put me ahead of my peers from other schools when I got to my residency.”

Dan Scott, an NCC Institute Speaker, says about the program, “I’m still thinking about my amazing time last week with the students and church leaders from The Institute at Nebraska Christian College. Nothing I experienced in college or seminary came close to the hands-on learning opportunities they provide for their students.”  

Jonathan Norton