From NCC To WC

“I remember being a bit unsettled my senior year of high school,” begins David Schomer, a recent graduate of NCC’s Worship Arts department. “I came to a student’s Senior Worship Project (annual worship concerts put on by graduating seniors) and just knew this is what I needed to pursue. Who would have thought this road would lead to Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago?”

David recalls having periods in his life where he wasn’t following after Jesus but instead was forging his own path. “I have had my share of pain, heartache, disappointment, parents who didn’t stay together…yeah, I was a pretty normal, lost good kid!”

His youth pastor wouldn’t give up on him and gave him a place to serve – in the high school band at youth group.  This lit something in him to pursue a ministry degree and pursue something more at Nebraska Christian College. “My youth pastor invested a ton in to me; he culled ministry out of me,” recalls David.

“Yeah, the last four years have shown me that nobody gets where they are going by themselves. For me its been professors, worship leaders, and pastors allowing me to do internships, residency, learning and honing my gifts. When I step back and consider all of the people who have blessed me along the way, it’s a lot to digest and be thankful for,” says David.

David Schomer leads worship at the Student Leadership Summit in 2017.

David Schomer leads worship at the Student Leadership Summit in 2017.

David’s path echoes that of many recent NCC graduates.  He jumped right in his freshman year, serving where he could, attending sessions at The Institute with respected leaders from all over the country. He worked in Admissions and spent a ton of time off campus serving in local churches. 

One of the speakers he met at the Institute was an NCC alumna, Rachel Lang (’10).  She was presenting what her first year in ministry was like at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. Rachel and David’s paths would cross again four years later. She had already taken the road to Willow some years earlier.

David had several ministry leaders pursuing him to join their staffs. “Honestly, I read the paper about how college grads can’t get jobs in their chosen field,” says David, “and that’s just not been my experience.  In fact, I’d even say having so many options during your senior year is quite overwhelming! We kept praying and seeking wise counsel,” says David. “In the end, my wife and I decided that Willow Creek was the right fit.

Rachel Lang is glad they did.

“We had been looking for a worship leader in student ministries at the North Shore Campus for some time,” says Rachel. “I had been asking around for recommendations and was given David’s name.”  Rachel and her team flew David up a couple of times for interviews and auditions.  Eventually the decision was made – The Schomers were invited to become Creekers.

“I have a lot to learn and a ton to grow in,” says David, “but I look back and think of all of my pastors, professors, chapels, events, church services, and other serving opportunities. Nobody gets anywhere without a bunch of people helping them along the way. I will be paying this forward for the next generation. Who knows, maybe there’s some ninth grader that needs ministry called out of them just like it was called out of me.”

And maybe their road will lead from WC to NCC. 

Jonathan Norton