Tour Dates:  June 3-16
Final COncert: June 16

about new way worship

New Way Worship- Camp and Tour is an auditioned music group of high school students who come together to create a worship-centered music experience.  Every year 50-100 students apply to be worship leaders, soloists, members of the worship band, worship choir, or even tech teams.  We rehearse for a week on campus to prepare a modern worship concert that we then take on the road for about a 2000 mile, 10-day tour. We sing in churches, schools, and community centers in towns across the country.  Beyond the music, we dig into the biblical foundations and spiritual depth of living out our worship each day. Devotions, small group conversations, and lifelong relationships solidify this focus even above the concert.  While we value the high performance level and musical skill the students share, their greatest take-away is always a spiritual one.

We are excited to offer New Way Worship Camp & Tour as an exciting training option for your students. We have redesigned the first week to be a WORSHIP BOOT CAMP for students, with worship band coaching sessions, break-out sessions for vocals and instruments, and large group sessions that will dive into deep conversations on worship, leadership, and spiritual growth. We have completely redesigned the program not just to train the students in worship, but to benefit and support the ministries they serve every week! We encourage youth groups to send their entire worship team to NWW! If you have a youth worship band, or have students serving in worship in any capacity, this is the place for them!  If you send members of your band together, they will remain together and be coached as a band during Boot Camp Week.  And if you’re a student coming on your own, we’ll make a band with you and other independent students! We are so intent on training students to better serve your community that we will be offering special youth group pricing! 


We are going to have a group discount this year. Each student will register separately, and will have to pay the $50 deposit. But if multiple students sign up from the same church, they will get a discount.  

Here’s the breakdown. We encourage youth bands to come to NWW together!

Individual Registration - $399

Group Registration (students from same youth group*) - 5 or more students - $299 each