Each year, we honor one of the Founders of Nebraska Christian College, Guy B. Dunning, with the Dunning Lectures.

This year, Dr. D. Newell Williams will be the speaker for the lectures. They will be held in the Lovitt Family Auditorium in the Ministry Equipping Center at 11:00 AM on Thursday, September 26 and Friday, September 27. Lunch available in the cafeteria after the lecture (call for reservation: 402-935-9400). Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!

“Spirituality in the United States:
An Historical Case Study”


Dr. D. Newell Williams

President and Professor of Modern and American Church History

Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University

Author, Barton Stone: A Spiritual Biography

Co-Editor, The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell MovementThe Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History.

 From Dr. WilliamsI have identified three types of spirituality that have been prominent across our movement.  These types of spirituality have also been evident in other Protestant communions, notably Baptists and Presbyterians.  I would argue that one of these types of spirituality—the founding spirituality of the Stone-Campbell Movement (much of which was shared with other Protestant groups)—has particular relevance for our current era of strife and division in the United States.