Alumni Spotlight: Ethan & Millie Fritzler

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When asked to share reflections, highlights and lessons learned during their years as NCC students, here’s what two recent graduates from the class of 2018, Ethan & Millie (Anderson) Fritzler, had to say:

Ethan: “Two things stand out for me right now. The first comes from NCC Professor David Haynes. He said ‘the most powerful ministry is found in the house of mourning (Ecc. 7:4). As ministers, that is where we are called to go, and we dare not forsake it.’

“The second comes from Brad Mock (the HS pastor at Christ Community Church) who said the thing that keeps him through the highs and lows of ministry is his calling -- it helps us hold firm in the valley, remain humble on the mountain top, and keep our eyes focused on Jesus.’”

Millie: “One of the things that has impacted me most comes from my first counseling professor at NCC, Stefanie Rowe. She taught me the importance of establishing priorities in life. I think that part of the reason this lesson stuck is because I also watched Stef live it out in her own life. She helped me understand that God is always our first priority and family is always second. As a sophomore, school needed to be the next priority, and work followed. I revisit this concept constantly and have also shared it with quite a few people because it has been so powerful in my life.”

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During his NCC days Ethan fulfilled his “FirstServe” with the youth of Reality Church (Omaha) and did an internship at Mountain View Fellowship (their home church in CO). For his undergrad Residency, he led the Junior High Ministry at Wildewood Christian Church (Papillion). Ethan is currently in a post-graduate Residency at Christ Community Church (Omaha) with their Middle School Ministry and also pursuing an online Master’s Degree. He hopes to soon be working in a local church, preferably as a youth minister.

Millie worked for NCC part time while going to school, most recently as an academic and administrative assistant. She also worked at King of Kings Church (Omaha) under a licensed counselor in the Care department. She is currently volunteering as a small group leader for junior high girls, working as a manager at a women’s clothing store with a few ladies from NCC, and in the process of applying to graduate school. Millie intends to pursue her calling as a licensed counselor, hoping to work in clinical mental health and addiction arenas. 

Ethan: “I will always be deeply appreciative of the difference NCC made in my life. I learned how to faithfully study and apply the Bible to how I live, and how to teach others to do the same. This school broadened by understanding of ministry and gave me a small taste of the intellectual depth of our faith. But most of all, NCC taught me how to love the local church, the Bride of Christ, and how to serve her faithfully.”

Millie: “One of my favorite parts about attending this NCC was building relationships with my professors. I am comfortable coming to them for help with anything from school to marriage to ministry. At NCC I met and made lifelong friendships. I also learned an incredible amount in and outside of my classes, increasing my ability to minister to others, and deepening my own relationship with God.”

Ethan and Millie both grew up in Strasburg, Colorado (according to Ethan, “the boring part of CO”). They began attending Nebraska Christian College in the fall of 2015 and were married June 1, 2017, in Parker, Colorado. They graduated together in the spring of 2018; Ethan earned his BA in Next Generation Ministry, and Millie earned a BA in Care Ministry and Counseling. 

In regards to family, Ethan and Millie said, “We don’t have any kiddos (and even less grandchildren). For the time being, we are content with devoting ourselves to our calling, serving Christ and His Kingdom.”

Jonathan Norton