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For Students: Apply Here to Become an Institute Leader

If you are an incoming full-time undergraduate student at NC and are certain that Church leadership is for you, then the Institute is where you will want to be week in and week out. The Institute is the best place to get close contact with the ministry practitioners who are on our campus. Involvement as an Institute Leader is an opportunity of both learning and service. If you want to lead, we invite you to apply. (form below)

You can think of The Institute as our version of an Honors Program.

Not all who apply to the Institute will be accepted and some may be accepted on certain conditions. Participation is not graded and has no bearing on a student's GPA. It is for students who know they are called to ministry and want to get the most out of the practitioners who will be on our campus.

Meeting the requirements to stay in The Institute also ensures that you are part of our 4FOR3 Scholarship Program (get your senior year free) as well as the G.I.G. Promise (placement in ministry after graduation or your money back).

What Will I be Doing at the Institute?

Simply put you'll be learning from some of the country's best church leaders. These are the best regional and national preachers, worship leaders, student pastors, missionairies, and children's pastors. You will be placed in close contact with these leaders to learn, grow, and get the picture of what leadership is like in the local church. You'll have the front row seat to their teaching, close contact at meals, and who knows you may exchange your contact information and land the opportunity of a life time with one of them.

Your time spent in the Institute will be marked by service. You will be required to fulfill approximately twenty hours of service per month to The Institute. Some weeks this may be a planning meeting, some weeks this may be leading the Guest Services team for an event at The College, you may be asked to help with social media and marketing, and other times this might be a road trip to tour and hang out at a local church of interest.

Above all...this is where you make connections so in four years you have a well-rounded idea of where to do ministry and options as God calls you to it. This is where you build a network.

Still got questions? Shoot us a note and we will talk it through.

Apply Here to Become an Institute Leader