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Andy Dykhouse

August 18, October 20, November 11

August 18 - Insitute Orientation

October 20 - How to be a linchpin in your organzation

November 10 - Self care of the leader

Aaron Asay

August 25

Aaron Asay will be guiding everyone through an excersie/personality test called the thinking wavelenthgs. Are you a builder? A minder? A conciever? Find out who you are and how to use this to your advantage in your chosen field.

Aaron Brocket & Dave Jamerson

September 8

Recently Aaron has been thinking a lot about the spectrum of extreme evangelism to extreme disciplehsip. Where a church falls on that spectrum and how intentional they are about it will have great implications for that church. Aaron will give us some insight into this important concept.

Dave Miller

September 22

Time Management

You only have so many hours a day to accomplish the mission you have been given by God. How do you make sure you are makding the most of your time?

Mick Schultz

September 29

Measuring results in ministry. Sometimes in the church we shy away from measuring results because, it's about the people after all. But is this a good plan and is it biblical? Mick has some thoughts and experience in this area and will share it with us.

Justin Jackson

October 6 // Staying fresh in ministry

If you want to be in minsiry for 20+ years, Justin has some advice for you. As the creative director at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, he's seen a done a lot over the years, and he'll help us understand how to stay in ministry for the long hall.

Charlie Vittitow

October 27 // When Helping Hurts

Although Charlie was formerlly a dentist, he has always had a heart for missions. He currently is the Director of Missions at Southeast Christian Church in Kentucky. Often times we go into a mission opportunity thinking this is helping people, but sometimes upon a closer review, it's not. Are we actually creating a handout mindset? Is the solution sustainable by the local people? Is your model of missions helping more than it hurts? Charlie will give us a model of missions that will benefit the community long after you're gone.

Brad Lomenick

November 3

Advice for Young Leaders - For years, Brad has been leading a movement of next generation leaders called Catalyst, and every month he publishes a "Young Influencers List" based on the people he's meeting and interacting with. Brad has published a book called "The Catalyst Leader" and loves developing young leaders.

Jill Gille

November 17

The Real World of Artistic Ministry - When you get the senior pastor, musicians, creative team and producer in a room, how do you make it all work and come out with a cohesive plan for sunday. Jill has been doing this smashing succuss over the years and will share her experience with us.

Aanna Smalley

December 1 // Goal Setting and Evaluation

Aanna has been the children's director at Stonebrige Christian Church in Omaha for five years, and has already adapted the ministry sevearal times to accomedate a rapidly growing church and children's ministry. Through her experiences (both success and failures) she'll talk about how to evaluate where you are and where you want to be on a very practical level. Aanna is a graduate of Nebraska Chrisitian.

Brian Rudesill

December 8 // Growing a Rural Church

The rural church can be a tricky organziation with it's subcultures and small towns. Brian has started a multisite rural church and will share his experiences and knowledge about what he is up to in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.