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Doctors go to medical school. Lawyers go to law school. Artists go to art school. Church Leaders go to NC.

We are passionate about one thing...creating church leaders. It's why we state it right in our logo.

We don't want to just crank out men and women who have a degree, a piece of paper that hangs on their office walls. We aren't interested in having graduates who quit ministry after eighteen months because of their frustrations and ineffectiveness of their churches. We could offer you a full degree online, but how could you learn to really lead well if you aren't around great leaders, growing and maturing?

Our passion and sole focus is the local church. We need church to be great, and we need great leaders to lead them.


We are awakening to some sobering statistics about our country:

There are approximately 300,000 churches in America.

Only 10,000 are growing.

In most communities, less than 25% of the population is in a church on a Sunday morning.

We are closing more churches than we are planting.

We believe the local Church is the hope of the world, and she needs great leaders like never before. Nebraska Christian's focus, now more than ever, is about one thing: creating church leaders.


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We believe that our place in the Kingdom of God is strategic. We know that we are in a city that boasts entrepeneurship, change, and forward thinking. We embrace this at our college and believe that

Our mission statement: Nebraska Christian College is an institution of Christian higher education that seeks to bring glory to God by calling people to know Christ, preparing disciples with skills for ministry, and sending them out to make Christ known.