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Future Students

life on campus

It's hard to sum up what the Nebraska Christian experience is in just one word...

Community With Opportunity

We are small enough to be a tightly knit community, but have relationships all over the U.S. with some of the most dynamic places to do internships and residency. We are far enough off the beaten path to be a peaceful place, but close enough to a major metropolitan area to have lots of opportunity within a short reach.

House Life

Picture a small group where everyone is known, everyone leads, everyone serves...that's the unique house system of which we are all a part. There's a place for you here.

First Serve

If you are called, gifted, and passionate for ministry we don't think you should wait two years before jumping in. By the second week in Omaha you'll be paired with a partner church who is committed to showing you the real world of ministry. This gives you a quick context for what you are learning in the classroom.


Yes, it isn't easy. It's not supposed to be. The Church needs you to be ready. You only have four years to get there. But in the midst of a tough semester it is good to know that this is a place where you'll be loved.


Distance learning during the Junior and/or Senior Years are critical. Today's online platforms are better than ever. Leadership is learned in the field as much as it is taught in the classroom.


The coming challenges and realities of what you will be facing as you lead are very real. College anywhere is not cheap, but the Kingdom of God will be investing in you as well. Our partner churches are staffed with some of the best leaders in the country. They know what it takes. We'll get you there.