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Perhaps you have always wanted to take some Bible classes, but work, family, or caring for others were more of a priority. Now, though, you have a few extra hours, and you want to take a class to dig deeper into the Word of God. Maybe you are transitioning careers and want to see if ministry is right for you. Maybe you are in high school or home school and wish to try out a college class. You are in the right place!

Our Community Course Program is designed for students (17 years old and above) who are curious about their faith and want to be challenged by ministry at a new level. These courses are offered at a discount of over 75%.

Students who are participating in a Community Course can choose between credit ($100 per credit hour) and non-credit ($50 per hour) options; all will pay a $25 administrative fee. Online courses may only be taken for credit. Only one course (two-hour or three-hour) may be taken at this rate each semester. Please contact us if you have further questions: 402-935-9400 or

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Offered Classes:


Bible Survey: Old Testament taught by Dr. Mark Krause (9:30-10:50a)

Introduction to Art History and Criticism taught by Dr. Bob Milliken (9:30-10:50a)

Seminar: World Religions taught by Dr. Andrew Wood (1:10-2:30p)

Tuesday only

American Sign Language 1 taught by Jenn Borgaila (1:10-2:50p)

American Sign Language 3 taught by Jenn Borgaila (3:00-4:50 p)

Thursday only

Spiritual Formation of an Artist taught by Rory Noland ( 8:00-10:40 a)

Wednesday only

Voice Class taught by John Chilcote (9:30-10:50a)

Friday Only

Audio Technology taught by Greg Scott (8:00-10:40a)

Early Intensives, August 11-15// 8:00a-5:00p

Historical Books taught by John Suits

Family Dynamics by Dr. Troy Backhuus

Intensives, October 13-17// 8:00a-5:00p

Personal Evangelism taught by Scott Beckenhauer (Monday- Friday//8:00a-3:00p)

Seminar: Ministry to Children taught by Melissa MacDonald

Discipleship Ministry taught by Bill Krause

Seminar: Paul and His Letters taught by Dr. Jeff Miller

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